In new Hampshire children have prevented the accident by stopping the uncontrollable school bus

The return from school was for the students of Atkinson Academy in Atkinson (new Hampshire), a real extreme. At Maple Avenue school bus driver lost behind the wheel of consciousness, and if not for the courage of 8-year-old Nolan Barry and 9-year-old Thomas McKean, inevitably would have happened accident.

Atkinson Academy 3rd and 4th graders step up,according to the police chief, to help when school bus driver collapses in the driver’s seat #wcvb Exclusive. Nice work Barry Nolan and Thomas Mackeen.

— Rhondella Richardson (@wcvbrhondella) December 7, 2018

«According to the chief of police, students of the 3rd and 4th grade Atkinson Academy provided assistance when a school bus driver lost consciousness. Nolan Barry and Thomas McKean did a great job».

When the driver fell unconscious, Nolan and Thomas rushed to the front of the bus.

«I was really scared, — says Thomas. We told her, “Please Wake up! Please Wake up!”, but we weren’t answering.»

However, despite the fear, the boys did not panic. Nolan inspected the system management bus to figure out how to stop it. And Thomas at this time began to calm the other students, as «I know that the panic will not change anything». (As reported by the chief of police Atkinson Timothy Crowley, in the bus during the incident were 5 students.)

Finally Nolan was able to turn on the emergency braking system: see the button, including the emergency brake, he read the instructions and just did everything as it said.

When the bus stopped, the boys tried to open the door, but nothing happened. So they began to knock on the window, calling thus to help. The father of one of the students that came to meet the child at the stop, rushed to the bus, called 911 and helped the children to leave through the rear emergency door.

The driver was taken to a nearby hospital, where he is now in stable condition.

«These two guys did a great job, showing restraint in extreme situations, and prevent the worst,» said Timothy Crowley.

But accidents in Queens ended not so well: at collision of the school bus with cars involved 6 children.