Uncle slit the throat of 3-year-old niece in front of other children

In such stories do not want to believe, but they happen, proving once again that the monsters of horror films — pale similarity of the monsters from real life.

In Kentucky, 33-year-old Emanuel Flater stabbed his 3-year-old niece, Josephine, MIA Bulwani. The girl’s death was pronounced on Sunday, December 9, at the children’s hospital of Lexington.

Uncle slit the throat of 3-year-old niece in front of other childrenJosephine. Source: GoFundMe

Before that fateful day Flater few months lived with his sister Simone and her family.

Hearing the cry of Josephine, her father, Benjamin Bulwani, rushed into the nursery and saw that she had her throat slashed. The killer threw a knife and brother-in-law, wounding him.

It is known that witnesses of this terrible accident was 4 other children in the family. The Sheriff of Clinton County Jim Gaffi called it «the most terrible crime he’s seen in the last 15 years».

The police find it difficult to name the motives of Plater, but they say that , according to preliminary information, he was not under the influence of drugs.

As told the channel WLEX-TV my brother was arrested, he suffered several years of mental disorder, but «never resorted to violence.» The man added that his brother is «not a monster».

Josephine was one of 9 children in the family. People collect money on GoFundMe for the funeral of a little girl.

Emanuel Platero charged with murder 1st degree, he is in prison where they can go to court on the security in $500 thousand. If man recognize sane, he could face the death penalty.

Farewell to Josephine will be held today, December 12.