In the Bronx arrested 29 people for the preparation of murders and drug trafficking

The district attorney of Bronx Darsel Clark announced the imposition of charges 29 alleged members of the gang suspected of the brutal killings, the planning of the murder, manufacture and distribution of drugs, as well as the organization of deliveries of weapons and drugs into the prison. 13 suspects detained in the operation in the suppression of attempted assassinations on 6 and 7 December, 1 arrested December 10, and 9 people are already behind bars, serving time for previous crimes. 9 people wanted.

Bronx DA Alayna Clark has put politics ahead of principle

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The alleged gang was based on the island of Rikers, living in the vicinity of the local jail and maintaining close ties with the prisoners. Crimes were committed in the prisons and on the streets around new York. During the arrest, many had seized firearms and ammunition. Also in a large number of seized medical scalpels that supply the prisoners in prison. Such scalpels were injured, one inmate, serving time, apparently, he clashed with members of the group.

In apartments where the suspects resided (at the 42nd precinct in the Bronx, near 169th street East and Boston road, and in the 46th district, on Morris Avenue, between 181st East street and Burnside Avenue) seized significant amounts of crack and cocaine, which are tasovalis and may have made.

29 the alleged gang members were indicted in the Bronx for conspiring to commit murder and for smuggling scalpels & narcotics into Rikers Island.

All thanks to a joint investigation by our @NYPDDetectives and our partners @BronxDAClark, @CorrectionNYC & @NYC_DOI.

— NYPD NEWS (@NYPDnews) December 12, 2018

Among the charges — supplies to the prison of suboxone strips, — means intended for getting rid of heroin addiction. However, excessive amount of these funds was used as an independent drug.

The Prosecutor did not tell how the right keepers came to the gang. Perhaps this is a result of long-term rapid development, perhaps a Fluke, perhaps all at once. December 6 at Harlem police patrol noticed a car that strangely moved down the street, as if its passengers over someone watched. When the cops examined the car, the driver and passengers, they found a loaded Magnum. To place very quickly arrived investigative team, which took the detainees and received from them the testimony, which served to arrests in the next few days.