Dog thrown from car on the move, is seriously injured and needs help

The driver of the truck, at about 9-30 in the morning, following the highway on the Northern outskirts of Whitney point in upstate new York were confused and shocked by what he saw. Riding in front of him on the move threw the dogs. According to him it was an old Dodge, but the man long is not watched, and became to find out what dogs. One animal did not look bad, but the second one had a broken front legs.

Next quickly turned out to be police patrol officers did the injured dog dressing, stopped the bleeding and called for assistance. Until the place went specialists, warmed the animals, wrapped in blankets and a jacket provided by the driver of the truck, and fed trapped by the way of cookies.

Arriving to the scene the dogs were examined and were taken to his representatives of non-profit organization for animal protection The Broome County Humane Society. They are now engaged in the salvation of poor souls. A wounded dog not only broken legs, but broken ribs, a bruised lung, not to mention abrasions. This is very difficult surgery, but veterinarians believe that they can put the guy on his feet. The second foundling quite healthy. Temporarily the children were given nicknames, in honor of those who saved them — the cops and the driver of the truck. One dog now, Trooper (cavalry), the other Adam.

Meet Adam! Named after the man who saved him, he’s one of the two dogs rescued after being thrown from a vehicle on I-81. Adam is currently at the Broome County Humane Society, while the Trooper is in surgery at an Ithaca Veterinary hospital. @SPECNewsSTier

— Dan North (@D_NorthTV) December 13, 2018

As told to in The Broome County Humane Society, «dog will surely be able to find new owners and find a house. But now the medical costs for an injured animal continue to grow, and we accept donations to offset the cost of his treatment.» Our readers who wants to help or can take the dog home, can contact The Broome County Humane Society on Facebook or on the website.

Dog thrown from car on the move, is seriously injured and needs helpAdvocates hope that the wounded Trooper still smiles and happiness/facebook/The Broome County Humane Society

Not less important to find the culprit of the event, so as not to allow anymore to treat animals. In a situation now dealt with by the inquiry, which was examining the tape of a video recorder of a truck. The investigators also hope that the witnesses or those who saw at that time there was a dirty old Dodge will report to (607) 749-1614.