During the RAID, police in Los Angeles found drugs, cash and weapons at $20 million

During major raids by the police of Los Angeles seized drugs, cash and weapons worth about $20 million At a press conference captain mark Reina said that officers found hempseed oil, hashish and marijuana, as well as a rifle of the AR-15 3 gun and $150 thousand in cash.

Major Bust by your @LAPDCentralArea narcotics officers. AR15 rifle, handguns, $150,000 in cash, concentrated Cannabis Oil. STREET VALUE…. Almost $20,000,000 That’s right…..$20 Million. The relentless pursuit continues…… pic.twitter.com/mSbJyszOp1

— Captain Marc Reina (@LAPDMarcReina) December 20, 2018

During the operation, was arrested on 4 resident of Los Angeles at the age of 24 to 27 years. 24-year-old Daniel Ontiveros is accused of conducting illegal drug trafficking. Other detainees were charged with illegal activities.

According to Mark Reyna, the room where wielding criminals were probably used for a type of business for retail and wholesale sales of honey oil. Police said that drugs were sold in bulk to local pharmacies and hospitals.

The RAID was carried out after someone from the residents of the area complained to police of suspicious activity in the 800 block of San Julian Street in downtown Los Angeles.