The birds in the Park happened overdose due to thrown by someone tablets

Plastic trash ruining our little brothers in the depths of the ocean and on land. In Huntington beach (CA) careless attitude to litter nearly cost the life of birds in Carr Park on Springdale Street. They almost died Slavov thrown by someone tablets.

A caring citizen noticed hundreds of pills all over the grass at a park in Huntington Beach yesterday. He saw a goose in…

Posted by Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center on Thursday, December 20, 2018

«Yesterday in the Park in Huntington beach cares about the citizen noticed hundreds of pills lying in the grass. Then he saw lying on the ground a goose and called Animal Control, reported in the Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center. — Perhaps other birds also pecked pills, but they were able to fly. Currently, our center deals with the treatment of canadian goose and deliverly gulls, which among other symptoms there is a loss of muscle control, likely caused by the medication. Both birds tolerate treatment, which mainly consists of washing the body using a dropper. Thanks to those who acted quickly to help.»

The birds moved slowly along the ground — with my eyes wide open, his neck. One canadian goose lost consciousness. Strange behavior of feathered visitors to a green area with a Playground and a small lake 3 miles (4,82 km) from the Pacific coast observed on Wednesday, December 19.

The birds went into a state of narcotic intoxication, naliases pills that took the grain. As reported by the experts from the non-profit Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center, it could be heart medication, antidepressants or funds from insomnia. When and who threw them away — is unknown.

By Thursday, thanks to the treatment, canadian goose and Seagull deliversa already felt better. However, experts warn that other birds levavchem pills can also be bad, and I ask, noticing the birds «stoned» immediately to the volunteers.