Two fishermen survived after 3 weeks on the boat in the open sea (photos)

A true Christmas miracle occurred in the Caribbean sea on Friday, December 21. Cruise liner Royal Caribbean rescued 2 fishermen stranded in the sea for 3 weeks. The men ran out of fuel and almost no food or water. They survived only thanks to a caught fish.

Fishermen found halfway between Grand Cayman and Jamaica. By the way, this meeting — and salvation — could not happen, because originally the ship was supposed to go another route. It was changed due to bad weather — fortunately for the prisoners of the sea.

Signal lights command ship was seen about 7 o’clock in the evening. According to a representative of Royal Caribbean’s Ted Miller about the detected ship notified the coast guard, Grand Cayman and Jamaica, but was told that due to weather will not be able to help you. Then the ship slowed and headed towards the small ship.

More pics to share from @RoyalCaribbean #2 EmpressoftheSeas rescuing Mariners who had been at Sea for 20 DAYS in that small boat between #Jamaica and #GrandCayman! See last pic for story. UNREAL and so PROUD of the Officers and Crew! Thank you @jleberle and @caryjames007 for pics.

— James Van Fleet (@JamesVanFleet) December 21, 2018

With the liner lowered a small boat and it successfully moved 2 fishermen. They gave first aid — one man was so exhausted that couldn’t even go himself.

As it turned out, the storm took the fishermen far out to sea. In attempts to return, they spent all the fuel and drifted for 3 weeks, almost with no food, no water. It is not known whether they have a radio.

In Jamaica, the fishermen sent to the hospital, and the crew of the cruise ship gave them $300 to buy clothes and food.

«Don’t change the ship’s route, he wouldn’t be in the right time in the right place, — said the chief meteorologist Royal Caribbean James van fleet. — Sometimes a little luck is all you need for a miracle.»