In the US, the Russian-born daughter was killed and took hostage the son and ex-husband (photo)

Charged with murder 1st degree charged in the state of Washington is 52 years old, born Russia (now a US citizen) Svetlana Laurel. According to prosecutors, the woman shot and killed 14-year-old daughter and held hostage by her ex-husband and 12-year-old son.

Svetlana Laurel booked into jail, suspected of shooting and killing her 14-yo daughter Natalie Gulizia in Renton last night. @KIRO7Seattle

— AMY CLANCY (@ClancyKIRO7) December 19, 2018

The tragedy occurred in the city of Renton. Svetlana Laurel (nee Svetlana Lavrinenko) divorced Michael Galicia in 2016. Initially, the guardian was Svetlana, but later Michael through the courts managed to gain custody of children, and Svetlana meet them was allowed only in the presence of the former husband. For some reason the court made this decision is unknown.

Last week a father and his daughter, 14-year-old Natalie, went to the event in Seattle, 12-year-old son Michael and Svetlana (boy’s name withheld) left home in Renton.

According to court documents, Svetlana came to the house of her husband — the child let her in, as she said she brought the Christmas gifts. Entering the house, the woman locked the back door and internal door leading to the garage. According to the boy, his mother said that his father ruined her life. Then she called an old friend from Russia, who now lives in new York.

This man was the first to call the police — call seemed very strange: she was talking like she was going to commit suicide. Unfortunately, law enforcement officers did not stop to happen irreparable.

Soon returned Michael and Natalie. Hearing that they went into the house, Svetlana came down, threatening ex-husband with a gun and a Taser, told him to tie his feet with the ties, she tied his hands. According to the man, she brandished a gun, saying, «You made me miserable. Now it’s my turn. If you make a move, I’ll blow your brains out».

Meanwhile, Natalie ran upstairs, where he saw that her brother was connected, and dialed the emergency services. Svetlana, obviously, realized this too and went upstairs. The 911 operator on the phone heard the shot.

#BREAKING #HappeningNow @RentonpdWA onscene of a DV Homicide. Waiting for more info

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How told the police, when they arrived, Natalie was already dead. Mother shot her in the head. Tried to shoot Svetlana and her husband, but the gun misfired, and the man managed to dislodge from her arms.

Now the killer is in jail without the right of bail. She faces life imprisonment.

According to a profile on LinkedIn, Svetlana Laurel graduated from St. Petersburg state University, specialty «system engineer», and also received a master’s degree in Houston (TX). In the US the woman worked at Boeing, where he met with Michael Gulizia. asked for comments in the Renton police. Stay tuned.