In Los Angeles unknown helped capture the suspects in the brutal murder of a homeless man

Thanks to an anonymous tipster, detectives LAPD and the Anaheim police arrested two people suspected of assaulting homeless man in downtown Los Angeles.

Fred Scott Johnson, 23, was arrested on suspicion of murder in the first degree, and Savannah McKinley, 28, on suspicion of involvement in the crime. According to police, the young people were not permanent residents of Los Angeles.

The brutal attack took place on 6 November at about 20:30, on Ninth street between hope street and Grand Avenue: it was recorded by a hidden camera. 58-year-old Fernando Perez sat on the bench when a tall, thin man in a gray hooded sweatshirt struck him with some sharp object. After Perez fell, the man struck two more kicks. The suspect then picked up a dark backpack, had fallen to the ground, struck another blow and disappeared. It is not known whether this backpack Perez or the attacker.

The victim was taken to a local hospital with numerous wounds. Two days later he died.

Last week, police posted video of the incident and offered a reward of $50 thousand for any information that, in the end, and helped find the suspects. Apparently, unknown persons contacted the detectives stated in the news the phone: however, who and how came in contact with them, LAPD officers said.

Bail for Johnson and McKinley is $2 million for each. The murder case will be handed over to the district attorney.