Police arrested the man who painted the star trump with swastikas

The police arrested the guy who painted 2 of the swastika on the star of Donald trump on the walk of fame in Hollywood.

29-year-old Jose Ortega twice in recent days, appeared the star trump, «decorated it» with their drawings and ran away. On Wednesday, cameras caught a man dressed in black, who in broad daylight bent over in the street and something drew. People passed him by, not paying attention, but the two women noticed the inscription on the star when he was already gone. Then figure just erased.

Hollywood Walk Of Fame: Trump Star Vandalized Again. from her recent

On Sunday around 17:30 Ortega painted star. This time a passerby saw him and called the police, who arrested Ortega a few blocks from the Alley.

Ortega admitted that he drew swastikas on Wednesday, although then it couldn’t find. The police are describing it as an act of vandalism. Now city attorney decides his fate. If the guy is found guilty, he faces 6 months in prison.