The man stole a city bus to drive to Queens

This weekend a man stole an MTA bus from the streets of Bronx to go to Queens and back. However, the loss of the staff of the MTA noticed only in half a day.

According to police, the leadership of the MTA reported missing bus on Monday at 3pm. GPS tracker bus determined that it was stolen near the shopping center (The Crossings mall) on hunts point Avenue in Longwood on Sunday.

The thief somehow got inside the bus, got behind the wheel and drove off to Queens. And then quietly went back to the Bronx, Park and transport only a few blocks from where he stole it.

According to one of the bus drivers theft city buses is a simple task.

Is a bus with a simplified start — the man told reporters the New York Post, Anyone can simply get on the bus, press the button and go wherever you want. This is a big problem.

The representative of AIT has not yet given comment, but it is known that during the abduction on the inside of the bus passengers was not. According to the NYPD, the investigation of the incident that occurred on Sunday, is still ongoing.

Funny, but it’s not the first case of hijacking of a bus in new York.

Darius McCollum is known as a serial kidnapper of public transport. He made at least 30 thefts. In 2015, he hijacked a Greyhound bus service, parked near the Port Authority Bus Terminal, and successfully brought the passengers to Pennsylvania, to a real place of their destination, as if he was a real driver.

53-year-old Darius loved public transport, and from his youth he loved to imagine myself driving one of these buses.

Darius is not a danger to society! #freedariusnow #donate #Autism #Aspergers

— Darius McCollum (@freedariusnow) February 1, 2018

In October 2018, Maccollum, who suffers from autism, was sent to a mental health facility after a judge determined his condition as «dangerous mental disorder».

In 1947, there was another remarkable case. One day, 38-year-old William Cimillo, a bus driver from new York and a native of the Bronx, «tired of life» has suddenly decided to vacation to Florida to the ocean instead of his usual bus route. He was arrested in Hollywood, but the charges were soon dropped. People love rebels and his trick was not only not punished, but were allowed to keep their jobs. Moreover, he became a kind of folk hero, often appearing on radio and television.

Two years after the incident, Camilla appeared on the show, faye Emerson, where he again told his story.

According to the New York Times, Elizabeth Taylor in 1958 even wanted to make a film about the adventures of Camilla, where they would play the winner of the beauty contest, which became a fellow traveler of the bus driver. But there are rumors that the script was burned in the plane crash and the movie was never filmed.