Broke into the apartment, showered and made dinner: two homeless people were arrested for burglary

A resident of Santa Monica Robbie Spillman returned home after Christmas shopping and found in the kitchen two men who seem to feel at home. They cooked dinner, found in the refrigerator and didn’t even react to the sudden appearance of the landlord. According to Spillman, men could enter the apartment on the ground floor through the back yard and clearly looked like a homeless: they smelled, and his clothes were dirty and torn.

The man was shocked, but tried to remain calm and play along uninvited guests who asked to «hang out» at his house some more. They took a shower and continued to prepare dinner. Spillman interested, there will be enough men eating and if he could something to help them. He was afraid that criminals will get angry and attack it, so kept it light and breezy.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to walk the dog, Spillman immediately called the police. 29-year-old Elijah Smart and 19-year-old Marquis white was arrested, accused of burglary.

Soon-to-be-dad Spillman went Christmas shopping and came home to homeless men cooking dinner in his Santa Monica apartment. His bulldog Rocky was shaking. Says they raided his fridge, showered and left a mess. Elijah Smart, 29, and Markis White, 19, charged with burglary. @NBCLA

— Gene Kang (@GeneNBCLA) December 27, 2018

Spillman and his pregnant girlfriend are planning as soon as possible to find a new home. The man said that after the incident, «can’t raise a baby in this apartment» and all the things used by criminals will probably have to throw away.