Robbers for 4 months stole $166 thousand, breaking holes in the walls of supermarkets in the Bronx

Police looking for serial robbers who stole a total of about $166 000 of supermarkets in the Bronx. Over the past four months, they’ve already committed 8 robberies.

Fall in supermarkets, they are the same — breaking a hole in the wall of the building, hidden from passers-by. But then the robbers had act differently. In some cases, they open the safe, others have hacked ATMs. The smallest catch was when they opened the cash register, inside of which was only about $150.

The first robbery according to this scheme occurred on 1 September. They robbed the C-Town on southern Boulevard and stole more than $20,000 from the ATM. This incident occurred just a few weeks ago — Dec 12.

Police report that in connection with a series of elaborate hacks they’re looking for five Hispanic. Despite the fact that there are video surveillance cameras installed in one of the looted supermarkets, which is clearly seen as the thieves searched the room, looking for cash, those suspects could not see because of the masks.

Anyone who has any information about this series of robberies, the police asked to be contacted by phone 1-800-577-TIPS.