Wanted prisoner, who escaped from prison San Quentin

21-year-old Shalom Mendoza was last seen 26 December at 18 hours to work on building outside the protected area of the prison. A subsequent search confirmed that a prisoner escaped.

Police believe that the same evening in the Parking lot less than a mile from the prison, the man stole a silver Toyota RAV4 with numbers 6STZ502. The video surveillance shows that the man matching the description of Mendoza, in a white t-shirt and khaki shorts approaches the woman and threatening her with a gesture. The victim said he hid under his shirt, something similar to a gun and threatened to shoot her and demanded the car keys. The assailant then got in his car and left. The woman was not injured.

This is what a #carjacking looks like — from the #SanQuentin State Prison Escape — follow the details here: https://t.co/C24VNQ4n2g #SanRafael #PrisonBreak @nbcbayarea @NBCLA pic.twitter.com/mLqoicuhwv

— Damon LaRose (@NBCdamon) December 28, 2018

20 December 2017 Mendoza was sentenced to 5 years in prison for armed carjacking. 28 April 2018, he arrived in San Quentin and was determined team with minimal insulation. Mendoza lived in a dormitory on the prison grounds, but took the work beyond its walls to escape.

Description Shalom Mendoza: Hispanic male, 21 years old, with short brown hair and brown eyes, height 168 cm, weight 80 kg. Anyone who has any information about his whereabouts, is asked to contact Lieutenant Samuel Robinson at (415) 455-5000 or with the local police.

Be on the lookout for this guy. Shalom Mendoza. Police say he escaped from San Quentin prison last night. pic.twitter.com/GllBKtOzgr

— Amy Hollyfield (@amyhollyfield) December 27, 2018