Instant karma: thief stole mobile and escaping from the chase, fell under a subway train

Instant and terrible karma — now, perhaps, be called the incident, which occurred on Thursday, December 27, in Brooklyn.

There is an attacker who stole a mobile phone and fleeing from the chase, fell under a subway train and died on the spot.

He caught the j train to heaven … don’t be stupid

— ZENUJ LIFE (@zenujLIFE) December 28, 2018

According to the police, yesterday around 15:30 52-year-old man stole a phone from a Metro PCS store, located on Ave. Z in Sheepshead Bay (Brooklyn).

As eyewitnesses told, the attacker immediately rushed to the nearest subway station, Sheepshead Bay, to escape from the pursuing employee store.

A few minutes later, the police received a call from the crew of the Q train, EN route to the North. They saw a man running on the tracks.

According to the MTA, some time later the employee called the police to report a body on the tracks at the station Neck Road — it is next to Sheepshead Bay station.

A store employee where the mobile was stolen, identified the body. It was a phone thief. It is unclear whether he was hit by a train, whether the man tried to grab hold of a moving car to escape, but could not resist and fell straight under the wheels. The body was very injured.

By the way, according to the New York Daily News, the same day the similar case has occurred in the Bronx. There is 33-year-old man tried to steal a case of beer from a freight train near Longwood Ave. and the Bruckner Expressway in hunts point (South Bronx), and was struck by an oncoming train.