The oldest resident of the United States and world war II veteran died at the age of 112 years

Richard Overton, the oldest US resident, and part-time and oldest American veteran of world war II, died Thursday at the age of 112 years. Surprisingly, Richard admitted that he never indulged either in cigars or alcohol.

He was born may 11, 1906, and in his youth was in the army. During the Second world war he served in the aviation engineering battalion in the Pacific. Service been to pearl Harbor, Okinawa and Iwo Jima. In October 1945, after the end of world war II, Overton left the army. He said he doesn’t like to remember the war and would prefer to «forget it all».

Almost all of his life Overton has lived in Austin the capital of Texas. A couple of years ago in the city even appeared Overton Avenue, named in honor of a veteran-a survivor.

Man often asked about the secret to his longevity, but he’s always insecure just shrugged their shoulders. He gave only one advice: «Continue to live, don’t die!». The veteran believed that he just got lucky and owe it only to God. But, perhaps, in his inexhaustible optimism and sense of humor.

«111 years old, but still cool» — signed a photo of him in Instagram, and it is difficult to disagree.

In 2015, the veteran became a hero short documentary film called «Mr Overton», filmed by two filmmakers from Austin — rocky Conley and Matt Cooper. In this film, survivor said that he likes to eat soup, corn and fish, and drinking milk.

«And ice cream. I eat ice cream every night. It makes me happy,» added Overton.

The veteran also said in the movie that he loves to go to Church and enjoy the singing, and he likes to take care of their cats.

«I still go, I still say and I still go,» said Overton, looking at camera, before getting into his pickup truck Ford F100.

On the 112th birthday of the veteran admitted that he smoked for 18 years and still no refuse cigars, no whiskey.

But, unfortunately, time takes its toll and age still has an impact. Earlier this month Richard Overton was hospitalized with pneumonia that he was unable to cope. On December 27 the doctors stated the death of the oldest veteran.