College student that desperately wanted the family claims that never disappeared

Suddenly ended the search Salihi Ahmad, 18-year-old student at the University of Illinois (UIC): the girl herself came to the police station in Chicago and said she has never disappeared.

The story began on December 14 when the family Salihi beginning to worry that she did not come to the place where they were supposed to meet. Her phone was disconnected and she did not respond to messages in social networks.

«She arrived at our meeting place, and that’s when we really began to worry, said her mother, Shetty Ahmad, at a press conference on Wednesday, December 26. We waited but she never arrived and then we called the police.»

According to classmates Salihi that day they saw her in the campus around 11:00 after a few hours after she landed at the station. After returning home, the family found that none of the personal belongings of studentki not missing, including your passport.

Chicago police still searching for missing UIC student Shalyha Ahmad, but «believe that she is okay.» — «We don’t believe there’s anything criminal involved in her disappearance right now.»

— CBS Chicago (@cbschicago) September 27, 2018

«We’re trying to contact some of her friends, but I didn’t recognize,» claimed the girl’s mother, who did not hold back tears.

According to relatives, she received an anonymous message that her daughter can be with friends from the Philippine community at UIC.

During a press conference Shetty Ahmad started very emotionally to speak touchscore language – native language of the family Salihi, which is spoken in Sulu province in the Philippines.

«You can come home when you’re ready, just try to call us and… say you’re safe,» begged the mother, turning to her daughter through the television.

But on Thursday, December 27, Saliha she went to the police station to explain that she never was in danger.

«Missing student at UIC, which was reported in recent news releases, stopped near a police station in Chicago and confirmed that she was safe and never been missing,» he wrote on Twitter Anthony Guglielmi, a spokesman of the police Department, adding that her case will be closed.

The missing UIC student featured in recent news reports stopped into a #ChicagoPolice district and indicated she was safe and never missing. CPDs missing person case will be closed.

— Anthony Guglielmi (@AJGuglielmi) December 27, 2018

He reported no other details of the incident, including why her family considered her missing.