In Slovenia discovered the remains of missing American summer

On Saturday, December 29, the Slovenian police said they found 23 Dec near pilgrimage centre in the vicinity Kurescek human remains belong to 25-year-old Jonathan Laskin from Wisconsin who disappeared in the area in June 2018.

Kurescek is located near the Slovenian capital Ljubljana and near the tourist district Lshka-Vintgar (Iški Vintgar).

In Slovenia discovered the remains of missing American summerKurescek (Kurešček, 826 m above sea level) is a hill overlooking the village of IG. On top of the hill is the national Shrine Church of St. Mary Kreschensky.

According to local police, evidence of a crime in the place where were found the remains, they found. Was carried out the molecular genetic identity, which showed that this missing Jonathan Laskin from Wisconsin. Forensics also showed no traces that would indicate a violent death.

  • June 22 parents and younger brother Jonathan saw him last in Vienna, where he decided to go to Slovenia.
  • Laskin arrived in Ljubljana, spent the night in the hostel early in the morning on 23 June went out and never came back. Since then his family anything about him.
  • July 20, his mother, Susan stone, not treated with a few weeks from son news, sought assistance from the U.S. Department of State, office of Senator Tammy Baldwin and U.S. Embassy in Slovenia, Croatia, Greece (Slovenia after her son had planned to visit these countries, and then to return to Hong Kong).
  • On 25 July, the police of Slovenia indicate that the missing U.S. citizen, Jonathan Reid Laskin.
  • On the morning of December 23 the local police have discovered the remains of a young man in the vicinity Kurescek.

Shortly before the disappearance of Jonathan Laskin in conversation with a colleague from Hong Kong, where he taught chemistry, said he plans to mountaineering, but where exactly — not reported. That young man is a great lover of Hiking, was known to all his friends. After the disappearance of Laskin suggested that he went to Triglav national Park, which attracts climbers from around the world.