Firefighter-volunteer knocked spouses, heading to the call: wife killed, husband in critical condition

His wife had died, and her husband is in critical condition after today (January 5) after midnight on long island’s a volunteer firefighter hit a pedestrian, heading for the call.

The incident occurred about half first once a woman and a man came out of the Half Moon Restaurant and Bar in long beach and began to move East Park Avenue near Riverside Boulevard. At this moment 22-year-old driver from Long Beach Fire Department EMT, who was driving to a call in his car, crashed into them.

The victim was 57-year-old Julia Morales, which was pronounced dead at the scene. Her 60 year old husband is in critical but stable condition at South Nassau Community Hospital. According to police, he was brought in with multiple fractures, a fractured vertebra and damaged a kidney.

Police: 2 pedestrians struck by car in Long Beach

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The representative of the police Department of Nassau County confirmed that the driver is a volunteer from the Long Beach Fire Department. As reported by the police, at the time of the accident he was driving with the included blue flashing lights. After the incident, the fire remained in place. His Buick 1999 was withdrawn to check the security system.

The Long Beach Fire Commissioner Scott Kemins told Newsday that the volunteer went to the burning house, which was located a block from the scene.

A volunteer firefighter in #LongBeach hit 2 pedestrians,; killing one of them and critically injurying another. #FiOS1News’ Claire Kerr has more.

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Police did not disclose the identities of the victims or the driver. At the moment the incident is being investigated, and the driver was not charged.