The nanny returned to the dead baby’s mother disguised him under a sleeping

The court of the County of marathon (Wisconsin) presented a 28-year-old Marissa Tietsort the charge of murder in the 1st degree. Under her supervision 2-month-old baby died from head injuries. Moreover, the nurse tried to hide his death: she wore boy’s winter jumpsuit, put in the car seat, pulled on the eye cap and in this form was returned to her mother.

On Friday, January 4, judge Jill Falstad has appointed for the accused to bail in $500 thousand and forbade her to contact with persons under the age of 18 or close relatives of the victim. Relatives of the deceased boy and friends came to court wearing t-shirts with his photograph and the words «Justice for Benson».

According to the materials of the case, in the afternoon of October 18, 2018 in the house Marissa Tietsort on North Sixth Street in Wausau brought 2-month-old baby and his older brother. The baby is not sleeping besides baby sitting in the house one of the adults was not.

After about 2 hours the mother of the children received child care, a message in which she admitted that in the local news about it came out bad history: she was accused of cruel treatment of children. Tietsort wrote that she was forbidden to have contact with children, and asked the client not to tell anyone that she is watching over her sons.

The mother returned and took the kids 3 hours after the message. Junior was in a car seat in a jumpsuit, cap moved him almost in the eyes.

According to the mother, and it was getting late, and she, not suspecting anything wrong, thought the kid sleeps. Taking children, the woman went with them to the Laundry on West Third Street. That the child was not breathing, she discovered, when approached to remove it from the car seat. The boy was all cold and legs were numb. The woman rushed to carry out CPR, and her sister called 911.

Police arrived to him for about 21.45. According to them, the baby «was deathly pale skin, jaw clenched and lips blue».

Marissa Tietsort detained October 19 at 04.15 a.m. at the Plaza Hotel in Wausau. Then she told police that didn’t kill the kid, but I knew that he died. She made no effort to resuscitate him, was not taken to the hospital and was not informed about his death — not immediately, as soon as I realized that the baby was dead, nor when he gave his mother.

«Tietsort admitted that he put the lifeless body [of the child] on the floor in the hallway, put on his winter jacket, and then put in car seat», — stated in court documents.

Around 18.30 back home boyfriend Tietsort, but she didn’t say anything. As if nothing had happened she locked the car seat with a dead child to the seat of a car and went to the local McDonald’s (the babysitter, her boyfriend, their son and older brother of a dead baby).

The autopsy showed that the boy died from «blunt impact to the head.» Pathologist Robert Corliss found the baby at least 3 damage to the skull and trauma of the coccyx.