«God told me that he is a lizard»: a man explained why he pierced his brother with a sword

A resident of Seattle (WA) — 26-year-old Bucky Wolfe pierced his brother’s 4-foot sword and he called 911.

Monday, January 7, Wolfe, accused in the murder of the 2nd degree, set bail at $1 million, but later prosecutors asked the court to keep him in prison without the right to bail, as it represents an extreme danger to society.

«He pierced the head of his brother with a sharp sword. Of course, it is dangerous. Moreover, the defendant seems to have seriously mentally ill,» — said the first Deputy Prosecutor Scott O’toole.

According to court documents, on the evening of Sunday, January 6, Tanks Wolfe called 911 and told the dispatcher that he killed his brother, thinking that the lizard.

According to the dispatcher, the caller said: «Kill me, kill me, I can’t live in this reality» as well: «God told me that he (bro. — USA.one’s) — lizard».

Wolfe was able to call his home address. Arrived, the police stated that the man’s brother, James Wolfe, is dead.

On the recording from the cameras the brothers calmly walk in the house, go inside. More no one came.

During interrogation, Bucky Wolfe told investigators that he is a schizophrenic and that «the eyes and ears of the police change.» And he asked if they see lizards around.

Whether the insane fratricide, set examination.