She was like a Ghost: there are details about the 13-year-old girl who was looking for 87 days

On Thursday evening, January 10, at the door Christine , Kasinskas knocked. Opening, on the threshold of his house the woman saw the neighbor, and next to it — a skinny girl with matted hair and in shoes clearly not his size.

«It’s Jamie Kloss! — said the neighbor. — Call 911!»

She was like a Ghost: there are details about the 13-year-old girl who was looking for 87 daysPhoto source: Barron County Sheriff’s Department

So ended the search for the 13-year-old resident of the city of Barron, missing October 15. That day her parents found shot dead, and the girls in the house have not appeared. Jamie was looking across the country, and she was 70 miles from home.

According to Christine Kasinskas, Jamie didn’t say a word and refused to eat until the police arrived and doctors, but gladly played with her dog.

Roommate Casinos told the Star Tribune that the girl ran up to her on the street when she was walking her dog and asked for help. The woman immediately recognized her photo Jamie Kloss was hung throughout Wisconsin.

«Honestly, I still don’t believe what happened. She appeared on our doorstep like a Ghost,» said Christine’s husband — Peter Casinos.

Later that same day arrested a suspect in the kidnapping of Jamie. Arrested – 21-year-old Jake Thomas Patterson from Wisconsin. He will be charged with murder of girl’s parents and her abduction. According to the Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald, Patterson was not familiar with the family.

Investigators believe that Patterson’s parents were killed Jamie, because I wanted to kidnap her that the guy «had planned his actions and took steps to conceal his identity». Detectives assume that Jamie was the sole purpose of Patterson.

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Recall, 15 October 2018 911 received a call in which the dispatcher heard only screams. Police arrived at the home of Klassov, found the bodies of parents Jamie James and Denise.

Three months, thousands of volunteers helped police and the FBI in search of girls.

«We promised that Jamie would return home, and today we kept that promise,» said Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald.