Men arrested for fighting with the police, was released

A few days after the collision between the two men and the police in Washington heights, the district attorney released the detainees from custody. Sidney Williams (Sidney Williams) dropped the charges, and Aaron Grissom (Aaron Grissom) was released without bail.

The incident occurred at the intersection of Broadway and 169th Street. The police used brute force to two men who resisted arrest. A fight between detainees and police occurred after the 37-year-old Williams and 36-year-old Grissom said to leave the subway stop at 168th Street. The reason, in turn, reports that two men allegedly stalking passers-by, and smoke on the stairs leading to the subway platform. When they refused to leave, the police tried to arrest them, but Grissom and Williams fled.

Captured later, the video shows how the officer pulls out his baton and swings it in the direction of one of the suspects. After detention, the police continue to beat lying on the ground man. The video is not visible, but stated that Grissom and Williams attacked the two officers. One of them was previously arrested for assaulting a police officer.

The Commissioner of police has expressed his outrage on Twitter on Friday, claiming that the district attorney threatens the safety of police officers and the public. District Prosecutor’s office, in turn, stated that it conducted a full investigation of alleged crimes against Grissom, Williams and officers.

«We conduct a full, fair and independent investigation into the force used by the officers… as to Mr. Williams, our Management currently, there is no compelling reason to believe that the accused committed the offence. Accordingly, we are postponing the decision to charge Mr. Williams prior to the completion of this investigation,» said Danny frost, an employee of the district attorney’s office.

Grissom was taken to court on Thursday. The complaint alleges that Grissom has beaten one of officers. As the investigation continues, County prosecutors said bail was not requested, but was issued a protection order directing him to stay away from police officers and subway station.