In a luxury high-rise River House fire broke out. Killed an elderly couple

Early on Saturday morning, January 12, in the famous skyscraper style art Deco River House on East 52nd Street (Manhattan) broke out a large fire. The flames broke out on the 9th floor, the apartment elderly couple, instantly filling about a dozen rooms, acrid smoke. The fire was so intense that he broke out several Windows.

Once finally in the apartment, firefighters found 85-year-old Mary Mero and her 89-year-old husband John. The woman was dead: she got severe burns, CPR didn’t give the result. John Mero urgently sent to the medical center Weill Cornell, but from the received traumas the man, unfortunately, also died.

Three firefighters were hospitalized with non-threatening to life injuries.

The cause of the fire is established. Not excluded version of fire from Smoking in bed.

Luxury apartment building River House overlooking the FDR Drive and the East river was built in 1931 on the former site of the factory for the production of cigars. Initially, the complex had its own pier, where his tenants could moor the yacht, but the construction of the FDR Drive, this comfort was lost. The complex consists of 26-storey tower and 2 15-storey wings.

Co-op Board at River House, known for the fact that even may deny status to the applicant if he did not meet the tough requirement to the financial level, and its «emergence in the building and out [of it] can draw unwanted attention to River House». At the time, for this reason, «the gate turn» received the actress Diane Keaton and Joan Crawford. Among the celebrities who managed to stay in River House, the inventor Edwin Howard Armstrong, U.S. Secretary of state Henry Kissinger and actress Uma Thurman. According to real estate website Street Easy, prices for apartments here range from $3 to $14 million.