The house was permeated drug: in California due to an overdose 1 person died, 12 were hospitalized

On Saturday, around 9 am, 911 received a call about «mass overdose» in one of the houses in Chico (CA). Arriving on call, law enforcement officers found a lot of people in the age from 19 to 30 years with severe poisoning, synthetic opioid is fentanyl. One person was declared dead at the scene, his identity is not yet established.

1 dead, 4 in critical condition at mass overdose in California house — KSBY San Luis Obispo News: * 1 dead, 4 in critical condition at mass overdose in California house KSBY San Luis Obispo News * One person dead, 12 hospitalized after suspected more…

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As reported by the captain of the local police Mike O’brien, the victim was introduced 6 doses of naloxone (antagonist of opioid receptors, used as antidote to overdoses) and carried out cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. After that, 12 people were taken to Enloe Hospital, 4 of them are in critical condition. It is possible that the number of deaths will increase, said O’brien, but most of the victims were rescued.

The chief of the fire Department of Chico Steven Standridge said his employees «were exposed to» drug. According to Mike O’brien, 2 the police became bad due to fentanyl, which was literally permeated the whole house. They were hospitalized and received necessary assistance, and shortly thereafter left the hospital.

It is not clear how the drug in this case we used fentanyl. Before that the police faced only with fentanyl in combination with heroin. There is a consequence.

According to the Centers for control and prevention of diseases, fentanyl, imported illegally from China and Mexico, and 50-100 times stronger than morphine. Most cases of overdose and deaths from eating fentanyl in the US, call illegal narcotic made of a mixture of this opioid.