In the alley behind the Church: pastor accused that he is 6 years old raped daughter

The Brooklyn congregation of Progressive Baptist Church were shocked to learn their pastor is Matthew Gibson. Known as a deeply religious man and a religious leader, he was arrested on charges of sexual abuse and incest.

Knowing that 44-year-old Gibson, who was widowed in 2012 and for 6 years was abusing his little daughter, residents of Brooklyn staged a rally on Howard Avenue Sunday, under the building of the Church, urging her close.

According to a statement filed to the Prosecutor in Brooklyn, is the father forced the girl to engage with him including anal and oral sex.

In the alley behind the Church: pastor accused that he is 6 years old raped daughterBuilding Progressive Baptist Church

Daughter Matthew 6 years, suffered violence and only recently told his wife of his older brother, Maya maples what he was doing with her father. Shocked by hearing that, the woman decided to betray the story and took the story girl in the video.

According to Maya maples, the girl and her twin brother fully takes care of her husband. But their father allowed to see the kids every weekend, and they attend his Church services.

Wednesday, January 8, when the girl came home from school, daughter-in-law noticed that something is wrong. On the question of what happened, she «blurted out» that the pastor raped her.

Twin brother of the victim told NBC New York that he was in the Church when his father raped his sister, but had no idea what was going on.

«He forced me to play the drums, and when that happened, I knew nothing,’ said the teenager. Now I feel like you framed your sister.»

The relatives claim that they were repeatedly addressed in court, trying to stop Dating girls father because he abused her and was even able to hit.

The girl’s grandmother, Josephine maples, said that the pastor «burn in hell».

«How father could do such a thing?» she says.

Also, the family claims that the father of the accused — Ben Gibson, a Church Bishop, was to observe the meetings of the son with the children, but didn’t.

In the alley behind the Church: pastor accused that he is 6 years old raped daughterBishop Ben Gibson, grandfather of the victim. Source: facebook

«This is not a Church. It is a place of torment,» said the husband of Josephine maples, grandfather of the twins mother.

Progressive Baptist Church is still closed as a crime scene.

Behalf of the victim, who is now 14 years old, in order to protect her identity, the police and the media do not report.