Guy beaten to death 4-year-old girl because she spilled juice on his Xbox

The Prosecutor’s office of Illinois said it would seek a lifetime conclusionI for 19-year-old Jonathan Fair of WAUKEGAN, accused in murder of 4-year-old daughter of his girlfriend.

Charged with murder 1st degree Fair filed in December 2018. Before the trial the accused is in jail of lake County. It is unknown whether his Deposit.

Guy beaten to death 4-year-old girl because she spilled juice on his XboxSource: Waukegan Police Department

As reported by the assistant state’s attorney Steve Scheller, the evening of 13 December 2018 4-year-old Skylar Mendez spilled juice on Xbox Fair. Her mother, with whom he lived, the guy who at that moment was not at home.

About 23.30 Jonathan Fair brought the girl, who was unconscious, in Vista Medical Center East. First, he said physicians that Skylar fell and hit his head, but then admitted that «kicked on the floor in the hallway» because she spilled juice on a gaming console. The fair has come round, only when the child lost consciousness.

Unfortunately, even after surgery, swelling of the brain Skylar has not diminished, and a few days later she died in the hospital.

According to the Ada, doctors found the body of a girl earlier signs of violence.

«If a Fair is found guilty, according to Illinois law, he could face 60 years imprisonment to life imprisonment, but we will achieve a lifelong,» said Steve Sheller.

The trial of Jonathan Fair will start on February 17.