In the Kerch Strait fire on vehicles carrying fuel

In the Kerch Strait tonight there was a fire at two ships. Previously it is believed that the fire occurred during an oil transfer from one vessel to another. RBC-Ukraine reports 11 dead.

The Russian media writes, on Board the ship «Candia» there were 17 people, including nine Turkish citizens, eight Indian nationals on Board the «Maestro» are 14 people, including seven Turkish citizens and seven citizens of India. Both vessels were under flags of Tanzania. Rescue operations are seven Russian ships. At the moment, saved 14 people. Confirmed the death of 11 sailors. The fate of the others unknown. Most of the crew went down to the water, but someone can remain on the ships. Experts say about the real threat of explosion on burning ships — they is liquefied gas.

At least 11 killed in explosion, fire on vessels in Black Sea (VIDEO) #Ukraine #Crimea #KerchStrait #blacksea

— Kyiv Post (@KyivPost) January 21, 2019


TASS notes that the ships were in international waters illegally anchor and we can talk about smuggling. The Kerch Strait has become a zone of international tension in 2014, when Russia annexed the Crimea, which was part of Ukraine. At the end of last year there was a clash between Russian and Ukrainian warships, which was captured Ukrainian sailors, who are still in a Russian prison.