Florida asphalt failed. Was, beneath it, a secret tunnel to the Bank (photo)

The FBI and by militiamen of the city of Pembroke pines, 32 km from Fort Lauderdale (FL), puzzled over a mystery: who and what for has dug a narrow tunnel to a small branch of Chase Bank?

According to FBI spokesman Mike Leverock, the failure in the asphalt near the Bank branch announced yesterday, January 30, a local motorist.

Digging deeper, the investigators found that it was not a sinkhole, and a narrow tunnel. The entrance is found in the neighboring forest. At the burrow was a small generator and several electric cables. The tunnel went along Flamingo Road to the Bank branch, its length was 45 m, width — about 60 cm.

Attempted bank burglary. 50 yard tunnel leads to Chase Bank branch at 390 S. Flamingo Road, Pembroke Pines, FL. Call the FBI with information 754.703.2000. pic.twitter.com/nK0rZi8QTO

— FBI Miami (@FBIMiamiFL) January 30, 2019

«I admit, I’ve only seen in movies. A unique case. The tunnel is very narrow, it is easy to get claustrophobic,» says Mike Leverock.

Investigators said the tunnel was apparently dug by hand — using pickaxes or shovels. Inside I found a small ladder and the dirty shoes. Dogs determined that the body (or bodies) inside the tunnel was not. While neither the police nor the FBI don’t know how long was dug underground passage, and most importantly — by whom.

«It could be a week ago, and last night,» — said the fed.

The failure came an excavator to fully open the tunnel. In the Bank while all the peace and quiet, he continues to work.

The FBI is urging anyone with any information about the tunnel or who saw the night in the area of suspicious people, contact your local office in South Florida by phone 754-703-2000.