A woman with a mind of «little child» became a mother. Father was an employee of the center for persons with disabilities

6 Feb were arrested Willie shorter, who worked in the centre for people with disabilities Bridges in Rockledge (FL). The police found that the man is the father of the child gave birth to one of his wards.

What is Bridges

Brevard County Association of Retarded Citizens (now Bridges) — the oldest institution for people with disabilities.

This nonprofit organization helps more than 400 children and adults with intellectual, development and physical disabilities. Wards Bridges learn to work on the computer, seize the home and even some professional skills.

In 2017 at the 26th annual Volunteer Recognition Awards ceremony, this institution was named «Organization of the year».

What is known about the incident

According to the President and CEO of Bridges David cook, in January 2015 employees of the institution found that one of their wards is pregnant. The administration is immediately reported to the police of Rockledge, the Department of children and families Florida and the Agency for persons with disabilities.

The child was born in may 2015 and was adopted by the family of the mother, whose mind — as in «small child».

Who is Willie shorter

58-year-old Willie shorter Bridges worked in the last 8 years and after initial investigation in 2015, initiated by the Agency for persons with disabilities has been left to the state institutions. According to the police, then there was insufficient reason to require the Shorter DNA.

A woman with a mind of «little child» became a mother. Father was an employee of the center for persons with disabilitiesWillie Shorter. Source: Brevard County Sheriff’s Office

«We decided that he could return to work because he was not charged with anything, but we decided that he should not work in the same building,» explained David cook.

As reported by law enforcement, the shorter is voluntarily provided a DNA sample in April of 2018, after a woman told the police that he touched her genitals. 6 February it became known that the sample matched the DNA of the child.

Willie Shorter was charged with lewd and indecent behaviour towards a disabled person. Now he is in the Brevard County Jail and is able to make bail of $15 thousand. After his arrest, the man was fired from Bridges.

According to court documents, in 1997 the Shorter was arrested for a misdemeanor, but later charges against him were dropped.