A woman drove a car into the hall of the police station in San Pedro. In the car with her was a baby

A strange incident occurred in the early morning of February 9 in the area of the Harbour Area in San Pedro (CA). According to police, at 4:45 the woman drove the car to the lobby of the police station at 2175 John S. Gibson Blvd. Her car was a small child.

Police released video of the incident captured on surveillance camera.

You can see how the driver breaks the glass front door of the station and enters directly into the lobby of the building. The car stops near the empty reception Desk before you receive the officer who went out into the hall, hearing the noise. Slowly stepping out from behind the table and approached the car window on the driver side, he opens the front door.

The officer hesitantly said to the woman about a minute before popping the other 2 officer, and a woman trying to escape from the lobby. She knocks the coffee table and leaves the building.

But the barrier still stopped the car, and the woman was unable to escape. She and the baby were taken to the hospital to check their status. No one in the car or inside the building was injured. According to the Department, the lobby area in the Harbour Area at that time was closed.

In a statement, the LAPD says officers took a woman into custody and are trying to figure out what were her intentions, to understand which charges to file. Perhaps the woman was in state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication. The cost of damage has not yet been determined.

The Department also announced that in the Harbour Area opened a temporary station to ensure the normal work of the police in the area. The authorities also decide how to secure the police station in case of similar incidents in the future.

Police did not disclose the name of the driver. It is also unknown whether the woman the child’s mother.

Anyone with information about this incident should call the Crime Stoppers number 1-800-222-8477, send a message, which should begin with the letters «LAPD» to the number 274637 or write an anonymous message on lapdonline.org.