The man decided to smoke pot in an abandoned house, but there he met a tiger (photo)

Seeing a tiger in the empty house, a resident of Houston (TX) thought that he had hallucinations from marijuana. But no predator was present.

In an abandoned house on the 9400 block of East Avenue J. the man decided to climb to smoke a Bong or two. Imagine his surprise when in the garage (and through him, man was meant to penetrate) he saw a real tiger!

BARC»s Animal Enforcement Officers followed up on an anonymous tip from a concerned citizen regarding a tiger. HPD…

Posted by BARC on Monday, February 11, 2019

According to law enforcement, a call from this same male, who wished to remain anonymement, received on Monday, February 11.

«At first he thought he’s hallucinating, but then decided to call the police», — militiamen told.

Tiger (or tiger) found in a small cage in the garage, which, in fact, was not even locked — is the castle used regular nylon strap.

The animal was examined by veterinarians and then at the time of lull tranquilizer to deliver to a shelter, where it will stay until he can find a permanent home.

The Houston zoo has already stated that they have no opportunity to take the tiger to himself: «the zoo is home to 2 Malaysian tiger, and for Esch one we just don’t have the means and opportunity.»

While the police finds out, like a tiger General was in an abandoned house. No one in this case is not yet arrested. According to veterinarians, the tiger was not exhausted, which means that all the time that she spent in the garage of a vacant house, someone came and fed her.