At mini-factory for the production of drugs in the state of new York have found 5 kg of fentanyl and 6 kg of heroin

On the morning of Friday, March 1, the DEA and law enforcement agencies of the state of new York in the course of the search in a country house at 129 Euclid Ave. in Ardsley (new York) found 5 kg of fentanyl and 6 kg of heroin. «One only of fentanyl is enough to kill about 2 million people,» — said the representative of Management on struggle against drugs (Drug Enforcement Administration — DEA).

Police arrested 5 people: 31-year-old Braulio Mata, 44-year-old Jose Garcia, 20-year-old Yarly Mendoza-Delorbe living in the same house, and also 47-year-old Ramon Aracena, the Alpheus from mount Vernon and a 32-year-old Dionel Duarte Hernandez from new York. They face several charges including: criminal conspiracy, drug possession and resisting arrest.

The owner of a two-story house, where they found a stock of drugs, said that in December 2018, he gave him a couple that moved here from the Bronx. About any illegal activities, do in his house, he didn’t know.

The RAID was conducted Ardsley task force, which includes agents from the DEA and police from Orangetown, of Yonkers, and the counties of Westchester, Rockland, Putnam.

Ardsley — rich district in Westchester County, located 20 miles North of new York city. Neighbors house, where they found a stock of drugs, saying that their quarter is very quiet and peaceful, so they were shocked by this news. However, residents note: it was noticeable that near the house there was increased activity: there always drove and drove some cars.