The fire destroyed the Church in the US, but the Bible and crosses it miraculously remained unharmed (photos)

Regardless of that believer you or not, this story deserves attention as something very unusual.

When the night of 3 March, the rescuers arrived to extinguish a fire in the Church Freedom Ministries in Grandview (state of West Virginia), we were amazed at what he saw.

«The fire was so strong that because of the incredible heat we had to retreat to survive,» — said in Facebook, the representatives of the fire Department Coal City.

Posted by Coal City Fire Department on Sunday, March 3, 2019

When the Church building burned down, and firefighters began to Wade through the charred wreckage, I noticed something unusual.

«This fire was supposed to burn and turn into ashes. But no Bible was burnt, none of the cross is not affected by the fire,» wrote the rescuers.

As proof, they presented the photos from the fire scene. The post Facebook has become «viral», they have shared more than 30 thousand people. «Everything was against us, but not God,» added fire.

Posted by Coal City Fire Department on Sunday, March 3, 2019

In the comments of a post, many people shared their own stories of «miracles», including former volunteer firefighters.

So, a woman named Erin Hoover said that during the 2001 attacks , she was a volunteer firefighter in the County of Somerset (PA). There fell the notorious plane «flight 93». The airliner crashed during the attempts of the passengers to take control of the plane from terrorists.

«We went through the woods, shouting, hoping someone survived, searched for debris, when suddenly came to the crash site. We found a paper passport, turned into ashes. They are scattered on the wind. But we found the Bible. Sound. I almost never talk about that day, but I feel compelled to share my story. God is with us even in the darkest days. You just need to look up,» said Erin.