Husky has bitten off the hand of a neighbor child when he crawled under the fence to play with him

The other day a tragic thing happened in Layton (Utah). There husky bite off 4-year-old a hand just above the wrist after the boy crawled under the neighbor’s fence to play with the dogs.

Now friends of the owner of the dog collecting signatures on a petition to convince the authorities not to subject a dog (and one that was also in the yard) euthanasia.

The boy after the incident, was airlifted to a hospital in salt lake citywhere he underwent surgery. Now the child is in stable condition.

«He was very brave, didn’t even cry in the helicopter. We were hoping to find the severed limb, so that the surgeons tried to sew it, but could not», — said the head of the fire Department Layton Jason cook.

According to him, two huskies, who were out in the yard, never been aggressive, they have never received complaints. Now the dog is quarantined for 10 days, and the Department of animal control County Davis conducting the investigation. If dogs are deemed dangerous, they’ll be put to sleep.

Jessica Nush who is friends with the owner of the dogs has created an online petition to save the life of a husky. The petition has already been signed by almost 90 thousand people.

«I know these dogs from when they were puppies. They are very kind,» said Nush channel KSTU.

We know that the boy put socks on his hands, before climbing under the fence. According to Jessica Nush, the dog could make wearing a sock in hand for a toy and a «bit too much».

«He just didn’t see that on the other side of the fence is the baby. He might think that there is some kind of animal. I hope the dogs leave alive, because whatever it was, but the child should not play near the fence,» said the woman.

David Broderick, who trained dogs for 20 years, believes that they should be euthanize because the dog «broke».

«He didn’t think it was a game. If the dog was angry enough to bite so much she would do it again,» said Broderick.