A man from new York accused that he squeezed his eyes his grandmother during a dispute over debit cards

On long island (new York) a dispute between a grandmother and grandson degenerated into violence.

The incident occurred on 19 February at about 19:45 in Seville. 30-year-old Michael Grif started arguing with her 78-year-old grandmother about her debit card, which he exceeded the limit of $1000.

At some point, the woman was afraid for his safety and appealed for help to the neighbor. Enraged Vulture chased her, and then attacked and squeezed her eyes own fingers. This led to the rupture of the eyeballs, causing the elderly woman was blind.

A man from new York accused that he squeezed his eyes his grandmother during a dispute over debit cardsMichael Grif. Source: Suffolk County DA’s Office

The neighbors immediately called the police. The grandmother was taken to Stony Brook University Hospital, where she underwent 8-hour surgery in an attempt to preserve vision. According to the hospital, there is a probability of less than 1% that a woman will be able to see.

«This is an extremely disturbing case, said district attorney Suffolk County Timothy Blue. — We will take all necessary measures to not only his family, but society was protected from this dangerous person.»

The fingerboard has filed several assault charges. He can bail at $1 million.

During interrogation, the accused said that he gouged out the eyes of the grandmother, he said, «And?»

«Shrugged his shoulders and seemed apathetic to the situation,» — said Blue.

In the case of recognition of guilt, the Fingerboard faces a maximum prison term to 25 years. He will return to court March 15.

«Often people find themselves in situations with members of his family, where they feel helpless or are under threat, and we want to lend a helping hand to such people, says Blue. — If you are in immediate danger, call 911. In non-emergency situations, you can also contact the district attorney’s office, and we can connect you with a lawyer for the victims, which can support you and help navigate the process ensure your safety.»

This case is being investigated by assistant district attorney Laurie Morefrom of the Office for the prevention of cruelty to children and domestic violence.