Frightening video: huge Bizon «attacked» a group of people in Yellowstone

Perhaps, in Yellowstone you need to be ready to everything: eruptions of the geysers, avalanches, and sometimes — and to meet the aggressive bison.

A few unpleasant moments had to endure a group of people on snowmobiles and in the car when one of the bisons on the territory of Yellowstone national Park decided to play a «regulator».

A huge animal came out on a snowy road and began to chase the people, forcing them to stop.

Better than words, the situation demonstrates the video captured by eyewitnesses. Sometimes it slips profanity, but these people can understand the animal actually looks intimidating.

Fortunately, it ended without injury. Visitors to the Park got a fright. But now they have something to show to friends.

Yellowstone national Park is a real home to Buffalo and winter is especially difficult for them because food becomes scarce.

Bison — the largest land animal in North America once their numbers in the tens of millions. Bison lived along the coast, in deserts and in Northern New England.

However, even developing a speed of over 30 miles per hour, they could not compete with the gun hunters, and their numbers declined from 30 million to 1,000 in 1900.

Later, people realized that the Buffalo plays a key role in the ecosystem. They are, for example, «plow» the soil with its massive hooves, which favors growth of various plants.

Today in North America there are about 31 thousand Buffalo.