Kindergarten teacher sent ex-boyfriend Frank live with their year-old son

The US marshals service last week, was arrested in Florida 34-year-old Audra Mabel after investigators found a candid video featuring her and a year-old baby on mobile her ex-boyfriend.

Before this ex-boyfriend of the Oder, 36-year-old Justin Richie, was arrested and charged with sexual abuse of his 4-year-old daughter.

Kindergarten teacher sent ex-boyfriend Frank live with their year-old sonSource: Seminole County Sheriff’s Office

The police on March 5, caused the current civil wife of Richie and mother of his children. According to her, when she was bathing the youngest daughter told her that father had touched her genitals and made her perform oral sex.

The investigator interviewed the child the next day, and the girl said her dad raped her hand and an electric toothbrush.

On March 8, when Richie returned from a business trip, he was immediately arrested. The first hearing is scheduled for April 23.

Also, the authorities received a warrant for the study of electronic devices men. As told prosecutors in his mobile, the police found about 10 explicit videos, which were sealed ex-girlfriend Richie Audra Mabel with her infant son.

According to prosecutors, Mabel admitted that he sent the video Richie, because they fantasized about the sexual abuse of children. In court documents it is stated that Mabel and Ritchie have also read the stories about sex between children and adults.

When was the video made, Audra Mabel worked in Michigan, but later moved to Florida and worked as a kindergarten teacher in elementary school altamonte springs.

According to the representative of the school district of Seminole, formerly the woman had not received any complaints, but it is, of course, immediately fired. The school also conducts an internal investigation, checking all the teachers and educators.