The police said that the girl is handcuffed behind the back, killed himself with a shot in the mouth

Police in Virginia last week made a statement that 19-year-old girl who was detained by militiamen on the road, committed suicide by a shot in the mouth, being shackled in handcuffs behind his back.

The incident took place in 2018, but only in mid-March 2019, the medical examiner announced the cause of death of 19-year-old Sarah Wilson.

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In July last year, the car in which there were Sara Wilson and her boyfriend were stopped by police in Chesapeake. According to law enforcement officers, Sara’s boyfriend, 27-year-old Madeline Holden, was under police surveillance for some time before his arrest. When the car stopped, the guy, according to police, he swallowed a package with an unknown substance. During a search of the car found 11 pills of oxycodone, a syringe, and a rifle and ammunition.

When the pair got out of the car, the police left Sarah Wilson in handcuffs behind the back, and themselves rushed for Holden, who attempted to escape.

Police said that Sarah was able to get the guns out of the car «Dodge» and shoot yourself in the mouth.

After her death was launched an internal investigation, which has already been completed, although the police refused to comment on the results.

The medical examiner confirmed that Sarah committed suicide, but friends and family of the girl continue to doubt the official version.

«I’ve never seen her even holding a gun, says channel ABC 13 the girl’s mother. — In their history nothing is the same. I spoke with witnesses who said the police responsible for the death of my daughter.»

Video from police body cameras could clarify the situation, but last August, representatives of the police Department said that the cameras the officers «fell off» during a fight with Holden Medline.