A resident of Florida committed suicide live on Facebook

53-year-old resident of Florida Marily Joyce Turner committed suicide live on Facebook Live. The woman lived in Monroe County on Old State Road .

Turner was born in Deerfield, Illinois, studied at southern Illinois University in Carbondale. I worked recently at the American Legion Post. The stream of suicide watched a few people, they called police to her home.

A Sheriff’s spokesman Adam Linhardt told reporters that the police arrived to her house quickly, but found already dead with a stab wound. The autopsy yet, but the pre-supported suicide: «We are not looking for anyone. This is clearly inflicted wounds, but could be other factors.» In his last report, Turner did not leave information about the reasons for such action. Facebook by now has removed the video from the platform

This is not the first suicide live in South Florida. In June 2018 27-year-old man from Key West hanged himself in the garage. In January 2017 14-year-old Nakia Venant told about his death by posting a two-hour Live post to Facebook.

The possibility of organizing live broadcasts in social networks in the absence of a mechanism of control over their content was the subject of criticism this week for the live broadcast new Zealand terrorists staged a massacre in the mosque, according to the latest which claimed 50 lives.