On California’s highway was a major accident involving about 50 cars

On Saturday, March 23 in California on one of the main highways of the state of Interstate 5 there was a major accident involving about 50 vehicles, the report said the California Highway Patrol (CHP). A few hours, all lanes were closed.

Kern County sent a helicopter with paramedics to transport the injured. No fatalities, a few dozen people received injuries of varying severity (from moderate to mild). In total were taken to hospital and 16 people. Among the injured is a small child, his in critical condition, was rushed by air to the nearest hospital.

A massive crash happened at about three o’clock in the South I-5 near the grapevine pass, North of Gorman Road. A few dozen cars collided in two places, and between these points in the «hostages» were still at least 100 cars.

SB I-5 just past Frazier Mountain Park Rd (south of #Lebec) ALL LANES CLOSED due to multi-vehicle accidents in two locations that may involve as many as 50 vehicles & have 100 vehicles trapped in between incidents. Unknown duration. https://t.co/xbyTKqK844 https://t.co/JHjzH1sx4V pic.twitter.com/ZIqhdHVC6M

— Caltrans District 7 (@CaltransDist7) March 23, 2019

As reported by CHP, causes mass accidents happened due to thick fog and too much speed for these weather conditions. In the first section, one car crashed into another, which then caught fire. This accident has forced other drivers to brake sharply to avoid collision, provoked a series of accidents.

After a few moments after the first collision, closer to Lebeko, there was a second massive crash. A sharp decline in visibility caused numerous collisions on this stretch of highway. In addition to injured people, added animals. So, a member of one of the accidents was the vehicle carrying 3 horses. One animal, unfortunately, died.

ADVISORY: SB I-5 at Gorman School Road is backed up due to multiple-vehicle traffic collision leaving only the right lane passable and exiting vehicles to alternate routes. Drive safe. pic.twitter.com/Kutp5quTyj

— Caltrans District 7 (@CaltransDist7) March 24, 2019

The stretch of road a few miles was completely closed for a few hours: rescuers evacuated victims, extinguished the fire, cleared the road of debris and the crumpled remains of the vehicles.

Partial movement in the right lane was restored around 17:30, and the entire highway I-5 southbound was opened only around 7 PM.

More from Gorman pile ups. pic.twitter.com/PT1KIwlGWq

— Jen Hughes (@JenPhoLil) March 23, 2019