Pair with a machete tried to Rob a gas station but did not realize that the seller also had a huge knife

Extraordinary robbery attempt occurred in Alabama. The couple who presented themselves as a modern Bonnie and Clyde, attacked the seller, threatening him with a machete. However, the robbers did not realize that the man also has a huge knife, and his mean streak will give odds to any police officer.

It happened at the Conoco gas station in Huntsville. The video shows that at the cash register stands a man in a hat and sunglasses. At first he’s just in touch with the seller, but at some point he pulls out a machete and threatened and needs to give him the money. In response, the man also behind the counter whips out a huge knife, and locks the front door.

The attacker, realizing that the easy money won’t be here, trying to leave the building filling stations. However, the exit was blocked, and the seller already calling the police. In the end, begins the confrontation in which the criminal tries to open the door and escape. Harsh the seller is difficult to escape the burglar and, in the end, it comes to a fight.

Periodically, the attacker attempts to break the door, what helps him inside woman waiting on the street. In a few minutes they literally destroy the entrance to the building, anticipating a quick escape. However, the seller was not going to let them go and jumped on the car of the attackers. A man breaks up with a machete glass strikes to the body and wheels of machines, and periodically fighting off the criminals.

In the end, the robbers sit in the crumpled transport, taking possession of some money, and disappear from the scene. The seller is left with the store, waiting for the police. He provided the police with all necessary information and within a short period of time the criminals were arrested. 33-year-old Lainie Nicholson and 32-year-old Seth Holcomb was convicted of armed robbery and third-degree assault.

Through the lenses the whole process epic confrontation was recorded, demonstrating a real failure of robbers-losers. Brave the seller does not give comments to journalists, as the police is still investigating.

His colleagues shocked, because before anything like this happened. They are also surprised at the courage of the employee filling that made criminals pay dearly for their actions.