In Florida the invasion of toxic toads (photo)

Residents of palm beach in Florida are sounding the alarm: their gardens and yards filled with poisonous toads.

According to eyewitnesses, suffered the most from the «invasion» area of Mirabella, where thousands of toads «occupied» patios and pools.

These amphibians are also known as cane toads secrete a toxic substance that can kill animals.

Invasion of poisonous toads triggers warning in Florida neighborhood: «You can’t even walk»

— CBS News (@CBSNews) March 25, 2019

«They use the toxin only in the defense and, of course, do not attack first, told Newsweek Melinda Schuman, biologist from Florida. – Neither children nor adults should not take frogs with his bare hands, because allocation may cause irritation of eyes, nose and mouth, and skin, if it has scratches or wounds».

According to Mark Holladay, an employee of the company against toads «Toad Busters», a major amphibious invasion happened because of the warm winter, followed by torrential rains. Showers have become a «catalyst» of the breeding cycle.

These toads are not local, they appeared in the sunshine state since 1950-ies. Most cane toads usually die during the winter, but this winter in Florida was very warm.

«We spent the whole day calling from all districts of Florida, mostly from palm beach. Staff «inundated» the frogs», — said the representative of «Toad Busters», which added that in a month at toads will appear to posterity, and it will affect «every community in Florida».

Pet owners urged not to leave them food on the street. Toads like to sit on the bowls with water and may leave enough toxin to make the dog or cat seriously ill. For people toxin, though unpleasant, but not fatal.