Hawaii 3-meter shark attacked the canoe, turned it over and attacked the rower

On Tuesday morning, March 26, 75-year-old man survived the attack sharkswhen sailing on a canoe in the waters between Anaehoomalu Bay, Kiholo Bay on Hawaii.

The details of the incident told the newspaper West Hawaii Today the head coach of the canoe club Waikoloa ed Texeira. According to him, the injured man is a member of the club. His name is not yet released.

As told Texeira, the man is an experienced canoeist and diver. That morning he went to help train two people — were all on a single canoe, when suddenly I felt a strike to the boat. Believing that he had hit a rock, the man turned around and saw a shark. She again attacked the canoe, the boat capsized and the boatman fell into the water. The shark was latched onto the man in the leg.

«He has shown considerable courage and resourcefulness, was able to hit the shark with the oar to scare her, so she released him and swam away,» said Texeira.

The man received a laceration on the calf.

As reported in the Department of land and natural resources Hawaiian Islands, the victim could not identify the type of shark that attacked him, but assumed it was roughly the same length as his 12-foot canoe (it’s more of 3.5 meters).

By the time the scene pulled up the witnesses on the boats and pulled the rower. One of the witnesses was a physician and on the beach, examined the wound, after which the victim was taken to the hospital. Now the man was discharged, he is resting at home with his wife.

Rescuers Hawaii flew over the site of the alleged attack on the helicopter, but did not see any sharks. Today they make a second flyby to «sharks aren’t moved to areas where swimmers and canoeists much more.»