The boy’s mother, who lost his hands in an attack dog, posted on social network an emotional message

Utah continues to undergo recovery of a child who survived the attack of the neighbor’s dog and lost his arm. The animal attacked 4-year-old Austin brown, when he was playing in the backyard of his house and saw the dog stuck his snout under the fence. Curious kid wanted to touch the dog, but this time it attacked a child and literally ripped his arm off.

Shocking news became public, and people from all over the country supported the family of the injured boy. However, there were also those who blamed the incident relatives of Austin. Moreover, when it became known that the Service animal control Davis County (Davis County Animal Care and Control – DCAC) isolates of dogs, the Browns showered with insults and threats.

Posted by Hope Elizabeth Brown on Wednesday, March 27, 2019

For this reason, Austin’s mother wrote an emotional message, which was posted on the social network Facebook. The woman told how badly damaged her baby, and told about that ahead of boy’s waiting for some operations. Now doctors are trying to save the elbow joint, so that the child could continue to rely on prosthetics.

In addition, the hope, brown said the detractors who blamed the parents of Austin in the incident. She noted that a hole under the fence done by the dogs, was not visible. A child for 2 years, played in his yard and no signs of distress the parents did not notice. Brown is confident that such an aggressive animal behavior is an abnormal phenomenon. So blame the boy and his family of irresponsibility may be the only one who doesn’t know all the details of this tragedy.

In addition, hope brown thanked everyone who had provided both financial and moral support Austin. Care, which has shown thousands of people from across the country, touched the woman. In the end she wished that no one in this world has gone through such terrible moments. The only thing now is thinking of her family – the health of the baby.