In American schools because of the bullying, a fight broke out which killed 10-year-old girl

In a small South Carolina town, the death of fifth-grader in a fight with another student has caused shock and outrage.

In American schools because of the bullying, a fight broke out which killed 10-year-old girlIn American schools because of the bullying, a fight broke out which killed 10-year-old girlRaniya Wright, who died in a schoolyard brawl

Although the authorities in Walterboro are still silent about this incident, the mother of the deceased Rania Wright, Ashley Wright, said that, in her opinion, it is bullying contributed to fatal brawl on Monday, March 25, at Forest Hills Elementary School. She wrote about this on his page in Facebook.

On Tuesday, March 26, being in the intensive care unit, the girl’s mother posted a photo of her daughter unconscious with a message: «Here are the consequences of bullying.»

The next day, 10-year-old girl died from injuries received as a result of fighting at school. But school staff and law enforcement agencies refused to disclose a motive for the incident, citing an ongoing investigation.

«People in social networks say that over the little girl scoffed, my mother went to school and nothing was done,» said one of the parents of Paige Harris.

The teacher working in this district, asserts that «children are not safe» and that her own daughter had to change schools because of bullying.

«It forced me to pick the kids up and moving,» said the teacher WCIV news channel.

School district Colleton confirmed the death of Rania in a statement on Wednesday, March 27.

«March 25 fifth grade student of forest hills received injuries after a fight in class, — said the representative of the district. The school administration quickly secured the scene, stopped the fight and called the ambulance to school.»

As a result of the incident no charges were ever filed, but the other party to the conflict was suspended indefinitely. Today, March 29, assigned the autopsy will determine the cause of death of girls.

But it really is not the only case of conflict between pupils in the schools of the district. Data provided to The Post by the state Department of education show that school district Colton is in seventh place in the number of cases of intimidation of the 85 school districts in South Carolina, and in the 2016-2017 academic year there were 95 such incidents.

Other data provided to the newspaper by government officials, showed that in elementary school, where he studied under Wright, was was 153 incident during the 2017-18 school year. These incidents are quite different: from the use of profanity to more serious actions such as threats and fights.