The kidnapper used a spinner as bait

The kidnapper used a spinner as bait

Powerful-spinners have become a hit among children. Almost every every student strives to acquire a spinning device, despite the warnings of the organization W. A. T. C. H («World against toys malicious»).

Attacker of new Jersey drew attention to the popularity of the toy and decided to use it as a lure for his young victims. The man spotted in the store two boys 8 and 11 years and were going to lure them into your car. First, he bought the Goodies and then offered the spinners and caps, provided they go with him.

The kidnapper used a spinner as bait

One of the boys alerted the behavior of a stranger, and he reported a suspicious «do-gooder» staff.

The incident took place on Thursday in Lawrence Harbor, QuickChek convenience store at Clifford Avenue. Store employees intervened in the situation, but the stranger insisted that the children go with him. In the end, it still managed to get to the street, and the police arrived, he fled from the scene in the Toyota.

Later QuickChek workers admitted that the situation seemed suspicious to them until, until the children asked for help.

Currently, law enforcers are searching for the failed thief and call for the help of the public. The suspect is described as a white male aged 20 to 30 years. At the time of the incident he was wearing sunglasses, gold cap New York Yankees red t-shirt. Special sign — brown scar on his face. Anyone who knows of the whereabouts of the attacker, please call (732) 721-5600 x3210 or email [email protected]