In the Hudson river capsized sailboat with 2 children

In the Hudson river capsized sailboat with 2 children

A walk along the Hudson river turned into a dangerous adventure for 10 young sailors. On Thursday morning the children set sail from the port to the yacht club of Riverdale on several sailboats, but soon 2 ship capsized and the passengers were in the water. Accompanied children instructors pulled them from the river and put on boats, but they sprung a leak, unable to withstand large weight.

The incident took place near the rotary bridge Spuyten Duyvil. To help immediately arrived rescuers from the police Department, Palisade Parkway — they put a group on his boat and taken back to the yacht club.

Fortunately, anybody from children has not suffered, because they were all in lifejackets.

According to police, the yacht capsized due to strong winds, accompanied by rapidly changing current.

PIP Marine 1 2 and 3 respond to capsized sail boats with kids in water north of Spuyten Dyvil bridge. 10 children removed. All okay.

— ParkwayPolice (@ParkwayPolice) June 29, 2017

Yacht club of Riverdale is located in Bronx, close to the 254 th street.