The Chicago Ripper 80s and a member of a satanic group Thomas Kokoraleis released from prison

Yesterday, March 29, a member of the infamous satanic group «Chicago Ripper Crew» (the»Chicago gang of rippers»), which killed about 20 women, 58-year-old Thomas Kokoraleis was released from prison in Illinois.

In the 1981-1982 year in Chicago has been a series of brutal murders, which began on 23 may with the rape of 28-year-old Linda Sutton. Her mutilated body was found ten days later at Villa Park — her left breast was absent.

A year passed before he disappeared the next victim. 15 may 1982 21-year-old Lorraine Borowski had to open a real estate office where she worked. Five months later her body was found in a cemetery South of Villa Park.

This was followed by several murders of young women. All the crimes the police were linked, because the victims had something in common that could not fail to attract attention, — it cut off the left breast.

The Chicago Ripper 80s and a member of a satanic group Thomas Kokoraleis released from prisonThe Chicago Ripper 80s and a member of a satanic group Thomas Kokoraleis released from prisonThomas Kokoraleis — a serial killer who was released from prison

To get on the trail of the bandits succeeded in December 1982, when the railroad tracks were found mutilated, the bleeding, the girl was still alive. Despite serious injuries, Beverly Washington (the so-called victim) was able to describe his attackers. Two weeks later, on October 20, police arrested unemployed carpenter 28-year-old Robin Hecht and accused him in a violent attack on the victim. It turned out that the man is the leader of the cult, which includes 3 people.

Hecht was the only one in the gang, which confessed to the murders. He was convicted of rape and maiming of a prostitute, who survived the attack, and investigators provided descriptions that helped to arrest the other men. He was sentenced to 120 years in prison and eligible for parole in 2042.

Timeline: Sadistic exploits, innocent victims of the Ripper Crew

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Thomas Kokoraleis was originally sentenced to life imprisonment, but the conviction was overturned because of legal errors. He later pleaded guilty to the murder of Borowski. He was sentenced to 70 years in prison. The guidelines in Illinois during his sentence rewarded prisoners, even violent criminals for good behavior, and this led to the fact that his sentence was halved. Kokoraleis had been in prison for 35 years.

During a press conference on Friday, holding a photo of his daughter, Lorraine Borowski with tears in his eyes spoke of the last moments of life «Laurie» Ann. She added that her family will spend the rest of my life looking over my shoulder. Mark Borowski was 14 years old when his sister was kidnapped and killed. The man said through tears that he’s shaking from the thought that Kokoraleis was released.

Lorry Ann Borowski, of Elmhurst, was 21 when she was abducted and brutally killed in 1982 by Rippers Crew member, Thomas Kokoraleis.

Lorry Ann’s mother, Lorraine; brother, Mark; best friend, Liz Suriano and attorney Gloria Allred spoke about Kokoraleis’ release.

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«I was hoping this day would never come, but, unfortunately, nothing more could be done to prevent his release,» added Borowski.

The brother of a member of the «Chicago Ripper Crew», Andrew Kokoraleis, was executed in 1999. He was the last prisoner in Illinois, which was executed prior to the abolition of the death penalty in 2011. The fourth member of the group, ed Spreitzer was sentenced to death, but in 2003, former Governor George Ryan changed the punishment to life imprisonment.