The police in San Francisco are looking for the swordsman in the hat MAGA, wounding a man at a local rollerdrome

On Friday, March 29, near popular rolledrom Church of 8 Wheels, which is on Fillmore and Fell streets in San Francisco (CA), occurred the attack with the use of the sword. According to police, a man wearing a cap MAGA quarreled with another man and put an end to the verbal sparring with his sword – he wounded another man and fled the scene.

Now the police searches for the sword on Saturday police studied video from surveillance cameras and interviewing witnesses, trying to piece together the details of a bloody conflict that raged during the disco for adults, which takes place every Friday at rollerama Church of 8 Wheels.

According to police officer Robert Rourke, a call about an assault came in at 21:50. According to him, the victim, whose name was not disclosed, was approached by a man in a red cap MAGA (the phrase Make America Great Again, translated from English. «Let’s make America great again» was the slogan of the campaign of Donald trump in 2016). Between men began a verbal dispute. Initially, the police believed that the victim was in the cap, but on Saturday changed its initial statement. Roark said that the victim tried to knock the hat MAGA from the head of an opponent, but he drew his sword and struck at his arm (the police at first believed that the injured man was wearing a hat MAGA, but Saturday’s statement changed).

24-year-old Scott Sweeney said that he saw a man in a red cap and a sword in about half an hour before the attack. According to Sweeney, this man shouted homophobic abuse. «I didn’t think that his sword is real, but when we went out late on the street there were already police, and on the ground was blood and lay cap,» said Sweeney.

David miles, the organizer rolledrom in the building, which was previously held by the Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart, during the conflict was inside and didn’t see the time of the attack. But he immediately ran outside to assist the injured man. «The guy was cut and he was bleeding. Blood gushing from the wound, so we brought a first aid kit and tried to stop the bleeding,» he says.

Miles has published in his Facebook pictures, which show the consequences of the attack.

«Tonight I felt like really crazy supporters trump! The guy in the hat MAGA attacked on the street with a sword at people!!! It’s right in front of the Church of 8 Wheels!»

According to miles, the wounded man tried to chase attacked him, but then I realized how much bleeding, and was forced to stop the persecution. At the scene, the EMTs arrived quickly and took the victim to the nearest hospital. It is reported that his life is not in danger.

Police are asking anyone with information about the attack to contact detectives by phone 415-575-4444.